Marketing & PR

Scroll down for some recent efforts, from copywriting to logo design. Other clients have included Portland Saturday Market, Cafe Nell, and the Red Dress Party (I brainstormed the event's 2016 theme, The Walking Red). I've crafted bios, taglines, press releases, social media posts, etc. and shaped the copy and voice for individuals and firms nationwide, including visual and performing artists, repertory theaters, homebuilders, architects, multimedia designers, and retail outlets, both online and storefront.


Image for Event Promotion: Lessons from the Jazz Ensemble, The PEAK Fleet, April 2018

Logo and PR: Sterling Coffee Roasters, 2011

Logo and PR: Sterling Coffee Roasters, 2011

image for event promotion: Lessons from the jazz ensemble

Working with a pre-supplied (I did not create) illustration of drummer Mel Brown, I designed an image with text, modeled in the vein of old jazz album covers, for a Design Week Portland 2018 event. Used on social media, in electronic communications, and other promotional efforts, it kept with presenting company The PEAK Fleet's official color scheme. I've also provided copywriting and copyediting services for the business.

logo and PR: Sterling Coffee roasters

I worked closely with the Portland roaster's/cafe's co-owner on the timeless, crisp, and refined logo. Additionally, I crafted and distributed a press release announcing the brand's logo and packaging re-design.

Logo: Daily Projections, August 2016

Logo: Daily Projections, August 2016

Branding: Design For Work, 2016-present

LOGO: Daily Projections

I was approached to create a logo for a new daily newsletter for Portland movie fans. Design directives were: simple, iconic, and black and white. (I also contributed a few film recommendations upon the newsletter's launch.)

Branding: Design for Work

Of course, yours truly designs all materials for Design for Work™ and The Elements of Work™, including these business cards — the blue/orange scheme of which changes with the seasons. For the design, I looked to Blue Note, Impulse, and Verve record labels.

Copywriting and Branding: The Ellody, 2014

copywriting for web and branding: the ellody

I wrote all copy for the website for a picturesque, four-acre rental property in Washington, from brief blurbs and captions to evocative descriptions of the property, area activities, and more. A tone reflective of the place itself was as important as clarity and accuracy of amenities and other details, and as an effective booking tool. (I also shot and edited the photos, as on-site manager at the time.)