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Available by monthly subscription, The Elements of Work™ online portal is customized for individuals, teams, and organizations. 

Put The Elements of Work™ to work for you today.

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analyze + explore where you’ve been.

Dive into your individual career journey(s), team, and organizational workflows, resources, and business processes. Subscribers begin their experience by taking a 30-question survey that identifies skill sets, values, work styles, behaviors, external conditions of concern and more. Patterns, relationships, and leverage points are revealed.


reskill. upskill. at will.

Utilize tools for skill development, education, and insights on your place in the workforce, including all access to the fully annotated, ever-updated EoW table; a weekly newsletter with contributions from thought leaders, HR pros, futurists, and other experts; employment and networking opportunities of note; and a community forum, to start.


write your next chapter.

Our cornerstone, the elemental, custom EoW table "snapshot," facilitates individual improvement, team-building, and organizational change. Design your culture transformation via an evolving, tailored data set relevant to you — from CEO to job seeker — one that captures a fluid portrait of our individual and collective futures.

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Curious? We’re here to help.

Subscription rates are based upon organization or team size and, for individual users, available on a sliding-scale basis. The point of this is productivity first, not profit, and we’re happy to design a plan that will best suit your unique needs (and, as requested, do so in tandem with services provided by our Design for Work™ consulting and education arm).

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