Lessons from the Jazz Ensemble: A Design Week Portland event

I've been working with the talented folks at The PEAK Fleet since its founding a year and a half ago. Now, as a part of this year's Design Week Portland schedule, they're presenting a very special event that combines two longtime passions of mine: the future of work, and jazz.

All the information you need to know, along with tickets, for the April 15th event can be found by clicking here. But in a nutshell: Portland's own jazz legend Mel Brown and his septet will perform a narrated set as PEAK Fleeters help attendees learn how to design their own framework and collaborative leadership practices to become future-oriented leaders and team members. It makes so much sense: Jazz exists on the human ebb and flow, "finding the pocket" therein, and mutual respect among its players. The concept of leadership here -- and in the future of work -- is as dynamic as the practice of trading solos, returning to the shared refrain, and uniting diverse (musical) personalities for the greater good. It's an intrinsically collaborative process with the goal of a cohesive, yet always evolving work. That's exciting, but skill is required, whether it's on the stage or in the studio or at the office. And so.... this very cool happening will provide a unique glimpse into the creative, design-thinking mindset that's given us some of the masterpieces of the past, and will nurture the innovations of the future.

All that, and I'll be taking The Elements of Work™ out of storage for the occasion.

Join us! Head here for details and tickets.